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NFIBor National Federation of Independent Business, is a nonprofit member organization representing small and independent businesses. Founded in 1943 and the leading independent business association, NFIB is the voice of small businesses with a mission to promote and protect its members to own, operate and grow their businesses. As a group for small business owners with pooled resources, NFIB provides its members with increased purchasing power in the marketplace. Members can access to discounts on a range of business products and services such as shipping, office supplies, credit card processing and insurance coverage. NFIB also provides organizational support in the areas of marketing, finance and legal, among others, to help small business succeed.   

Member benefits offered by NFIB include:

NFIB accepts membership in all 50 U.S. states and District of Columbia. By becoming a NFIB member, small businesses gain valuable tools that will help them better grow their businesses.

NFIB: What makes it different?

What Makes NFIB's Member Services Different and Unique?

NFIB offers its members unparalleled services as a business association by providing business deals and management resources in the marketplace, as well as fostering a friendly business environment in general. NFIB has differentiated itself by taking important organizational initiatives to ensure that it will provide the most benefits to its members of small businesses.

  • Broad business partnership with leading companies. To provide better purchase discounts on product and service offerings for small businesses, NFIB has partnered with many leading companies such as FedEx, Bank of America and Dell, to name a few, to provide savings on shipping expenses, financial transaction costs and other product purchases. NFIB also has partnership companies specializing in workers' compensation, healthcare insurance coverage and employee management, which are the common areas of concerns for many small businesses.     
  • My Business magazine on research and education. NFIB's My Business magazine is a unique information source for small business owners. The magazine covers everything from small business practice, latest news on technology, to any legislative agendas. My Business magazine runs regular columns such as My Guide, Owners' manual and Small Business Scoreboard to convey issues that matter the most to small business owners. 
  • Foundations and political action committee. NFIB sponsors three foundations: Young Entrepreneur Foundation, Research Foundation and Small Business Legal Center, which are mission critical components of NFIB and provide necessary legal and research support for member businesses. SAFE Trust PAC, NFIB's political action committee, supports proven business candidates who have committed to keeping small businesses in business. 
NFIB vs. primary competitors (sites similar to NFIB)

NFIB vs. Main Competitors

National Small Business Association: NSBA is also a membership organization working on behalf of America's small businesses. Founded in 1937, NSBA is the oldest small business advocate in the United States. NSBA's mission is to build a national community that connects small businesses to ideas, knowledge, relationships and marketplaces. NSBA is committed to life-long education for its member businesses by delivering knowledge through an array of mediums. Many of its educational offerings focus on business skills for life and core competencies such as financial management, marketing and leadership development.  

American Small Business Association: Over the years, ASBA has transformed itself from solely focusing on the needs of members as small business owners in the past to also serving today's immense demand from senior members for retirement solution. ASBA now is also known as American Senior Benefits Association but under the same leadership. ASBA offers members both consumer and educational programs through senior discounts and newsletter updates on many advocacy and legislative affairs.

Service Comparisons for NFIB 


All three membership organizations offer some kinds of purchase discounts to their member businesses, but NFIB has the most comprehensive money saving programs for small business owners, because of its broad business partnerhips with companies that can serve every aspect of small business needs.

While NSBA and ASBA provide educational and research support at certain levels, NFIB backs its edicational and research efforts through the use of research foundations, offering small business owners more in-depth research on today's pressing business and legal issues.

NFIB brings the voice of small businesses directly to Washington through the operations of its political action committee, and as a result, its members can benefit greatly from political wins that likely first address policy concerns of its member companies.


Compared to the other two organizations, to some members, NFIB may appear to be overly politically involved, often taking a forceful stand on controversy issues such as opposing labor unions and supporting the repeal of Obama Care.

NFIB operates on a very comprehensive platform, which may not be a good fit for certain small businesses that require more simplistic solutions to their concerns that are mostly local or on a community level.    

Members of NFIB may also be encouraged, though not required, to make donations to the association's various foundations and its political action committee.

NFIB: Pricing & packages

NFIB Pricing Package

NFIB offers competitive membership subscription, especially given the wide range of services it provides. For a special Web-only price of $180, a small business of any size can become a member, regardless of the number of its employees. In general, membership dues for many trade organizations are partly based on company sizes. For example, membership fees for NSBA have different tiers that each relate to the number of employees of a member company. The more employees a small business has, the higher its membership fees.

Annual membership fees for NSBA range from $250 for one to nine employees to $5,500 for more than 250 employees, while it is free to join ASBA. By comparisons, small businesses may get the most value from their NFIB membership if they can fully take advantage of NFIB's comprehensive service offerings. On the other hand, services offered by NSBA and ASBA are relatively limited, regardless of their membership price levels.   

NFIB: Product images & screenshots
NFIB Coupons
NFIB: Customer reviews & comments

Customer Reviews and Feedback on NFIB

Small businesses that have joined NFIB as members usually are very impressed with the various discount programs that NFIB offers. The organization claims that "by taking advantage just a few programs available to your NFIB membership, you should be able to cover the cost of your dues in no time." One NFIB member, W. Bruse O'Donoghue of Control Specialists Company agrees that some discount savings can "pay for themselves within the very same year."

According to a New York Times blog post on small businesses, NFIB strives to best represent the voice of small businesses. On national controversial issues that affect small businesses, the organization will take a clear stand only if "it can marshal the support of at least 70, and probably closer to 80, percent of the membership." As a result, members need not to worry about spending money and then being misrepresented by the organization.  

NFIB provides a rich source of business information to its members through its Research Foundation and other efforts. Business resources are shared in blog posts regularly, and many members have responded with many positive comments.      

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